Asada products are attractive as they are quiet and easy to handle.

BOUSAI KIKAKUPresident Mr. Shimada

BOUSAI KIKAKU provides firefighting construction works. They produce firefighting facilities at prefabrication process and their threading technics and grooving technics are top notch. They control quality thoroughly and threads are accurate as all threads are checked with threading gauge. They research and develop day by day to reduce the burden of on-site work as much as possible.


Headquarters: 526-9 Kamida, Mibu-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi
Phone:  0282-85-4121
Business content: Firefighting facility construction


  • BEAVER 80
  •  Supermatic 2000
  •  BEAVER 100

Why did you decide to buy and how do you feel after you use those products?

We have been using Asada products from our establishment. Asada products are attractive as they are quiet and easy to handle. We have several units and use every day. Therefore we would be grateful if Asada could develop one with as little noise as possible.

Where do you use our products?

We use threading machines not only in our factory everyday but also at on-sites. Band Saw is used to adjust processed pipes and cut woods and PVC pipes. Band Saw can cut material at a right angle much accurately compared to cut off machines, and it is also easier to handle than a large band saws and can save working time.

What do you expect to Asada in the future?

We would like to request to extend the life of die-heads and dies of threading machines. Also for us to maintain threading machines by ourselves, we would like Asada to enrich repair and maintenance manuals to use the machines longer. Work efficiency will be much improved as no need of adjustment if threading machine can reduce threading variation by pipe sizes.