The cause of clogging can be predicted, leading to enhanced after-sales service with Clear Scope Eco2515

ARAI SUIDOUPresident Mr. Arai

President Arai undertakes water supply piping construction works between the main pipe underground and the tap inside house in Saitama. Recently, he has also started pipe cleaning service, and is playing an active role as a professional involved in water and sewage for general housing.


Headquarters: 1-1-13 Sekiyama, Hasuda City, Saitama
Telephone: 048-768-5508
Business content: Water and sewage works, housing equipment


  • Drain Cleaner E-150
  • Clear Scope Eco2515
  • Electric Soldering Machine
  • And more such as pipe saws

Please tell us the reason of your purchase of Asada's products.

I used to clean inside piping with metal wire and rods, but hard to do. I have been using Asada's other products for a long time and good to use. Therefore I selected ASADA this time as well and bought Drain Cleaner E-150 and Clear Scope Eco2515.

How do you feel after you use those products?

Clear Scope Eco2515 is convenient because it can identify the cause of the clogging with the camera and we can take immediate action. In addition, we can predict future clogging, which will lead to the enhancement of our after-sales service. Perhaps of that, nowadays requests for pipe cleaning works from customers are increasing.

What do you expect to Asada in the future?

Asada's pipe saw can be used for a long time because you supply saw blades even after 20 years. I am very grateful that Asada still supplies consumables for Electric Soldering Machine. We are expecting products that can be used for a long time also in the future!