Asada pipe saw that meets on-site needs both in terms of price and functionality

CLEAN TECHNOSPresident Mr. Okamoto

President Okamoto was willing to accept our sudden request for interview. They mainly conduct construction works of facilities for water purification plants and sewage treatment plants. Mr. Okumura also helped us to take the demonstration photos of Pipe Saw 200S even though hiding himself with a mask.


Established: July, 1987
Headquarters: 1690-2 Shobucho, Kuki City, Saitama
Telephone: 0480-53-5175
Business content: Mechanical facility construction


  • Pipe saw 200SP

Please tell us the reason of purchasing Pipe Saw 200SP

We used to subcontract refurbishment works for water purification plants and sewage treatment plants, therefore we did not have a pipe saw in-house. However, as the number of requests were increased and the need for works by ourselves were also increased, we searched through the internet and purchased Asada products that matched the demands from the site, both in terms of price and functionality.

How do you feel after use Pipe Saw 200SP?

We are satisfied with Pipe Saw 200SP that can cut 150A stainless steel tubes which is used many in our site.

What do you expect to Asada in the future?

Nothing in particular. But I'm just surprised that Asada came to visit us directly! I would like to take a time to read Asada catalog which I just received. If anything question, I will ask direct to Asada.