Tetra's high performance has increased our work efficiency by three times.

HOSOYA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.President Mr. Hosoya, Manager Mr. Sato, Group Leader Mr. Iizuka

The company's goal of energy conservation is not only saving but also making full use of energy and eliminating waste. Mr. Iizuka continues to make efforts for "making full use" rather than saving energy.


Established in: July 4, 1963
Head Office: 85-7 Enoki-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken
TEL: 027-362-7711
Office location: Chiba, Yokohama
Main Business: Planning, Design, Construction, and Maintenance on facilities for Refrigerator and Freezer / Air conditioner / Water supply & drainage


  • Refrigerant Recovery Machine ECO saver Tetra
  • ECO saver TC

Please tell us the reason of your purchase of Asada's products.

With increasing volume of refrigerants to be recovered in each location, we looked for a high efficiency recovery machine. On Asada's catalogue, we found Tetra with low power consumption and high performance (R22 gas recovery 400g/min) and purchased it.

How do you feel after you use Tetra?

Tetra increases our work efficiency by three times. When we recovered 1ton of refrigerants from 5 or 6 refrigerators and 100 showcases in one night, we completed the work with Tetra and TC. Noise from them does not bother neighborhood even at a silent site like closed supermarket at night. Operational voltage is 100V instead of 200V, power outlet is easier to use. Tetra is a little heavier than TC, but it is no problems because there is nothing better than high efficiency.

What do you expect to Asada in future?

We have to satisfy customer needs in speed and quality. Therefore, we expect Asada to provide us with high-quality and high-efficiency products that can achieve time-saving and workforce reduction. We keep on looking for much higher performance Leak Detector, especially for R404A, R410A, and R134a. We expect Asada's proposals for excellent products.