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Optional accessory for drain cleaning machine Drain Cleaner

  Wire Key

Key to remove wire connection and Head.

|| Purpose
Head remover from Coupling wire, Universal wire, N Wire, PC Wire, PF Wire.

|| Specification
Item Wire key for 16 Wire key for 22·32
Code No. 70135 R72101
Specification For φ16mm wire For φ22·32mm wire

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  Different diameter wire

Connecting different diameter Wire and Wire, Wire and Head.

|| Purpose
Connecting adapter when there is only larger or smaller Head than the Wire being used.

|| Features
For step up from φ16mm to 22mm, φ22mm to 32mm or step down from φ22mm to 16mm, φ32mm to 22mm.
|| Specification
Item Different diameter wire
Code No. R72461 R72460 R72463 R72462
Specification Wire side φ16mm φ22mm φ22mm φ32mm
Head side φ22mm φ16mm φ32mm φ22mm

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  Anti-corrosive Rowonal

Protect the machine, Wire, Head and tools from corrosion after the use of drain cleaner.

|| Purpose
Spray after use and protect Wire and Head from corrosion.

|| Features
Spray type corrosive.
|| Specification
Item Anti-corrosive Rowonal
Code No. R72142
Capacity 200mL

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Basket to store Wire of over φ16mm.

|| Purpose
Convenient for storage and transporting of Wire.

|| Features
Easy to take out or store.
|| Specification
Item Basket
Code No. R72110 R72112 R72111
Specification φ16mm×2.3m
for 12 wires
for 5 wires
for 4 wires

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  Wire magazine (R-550)

Magazine for storage of φ8·10mm Wire.

|| Purpose
Attach on the guide hose side of the drain cleaner R-550 to feed small diameter wire safely.

|| Features
Prevent splashing dirt when rotating by storing in the magazine.
|| Specification
Item Wire magazine(for R-550)
Code No. R72511
Specification For φ8mm·10mm wire

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  Guide hose

Protect floor and wall from damage while wire is rotating.

|| Purpose
Prevent floor and wall from damage and dirt stains while wire is rotating.

|| Features
Can be attached on drain cleaner by one touch.
|| Specification
Item Guide Hose
16 22 32
Code No. R72545 R72541 R72559
Specification φ16mm×4m φ22mm×4m φ32mm×4m
Applicable model R-550 R-600·R-650 R-750

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  Safety Glove

Safety Glove to wear when working with Wire during cleaning.

|| Purpose
Hold Wire safely when feeding Wire.

|| Features
Made from leather and finished with studs.
|| Specification
Item Safety glove
Right hand Left hand
Code No. R72121 R72120

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